Duane Osmond - Artist

Nursery Paintings

Duane specializes in a wide variety of paintings, including landscape, scenic, abstract & nursery paintings.  The majority of Duane's work is usually scenic/landscape or nursery/kids bedroom paintings.  Nursery paintings are a great addition to your childs bedroom & are also a great gift for a "baby shower", as they are each a unique individualized pieces of artwork! 

CUSTOMIZED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: These nursery paintings can be done on a variety of of canvas sizes & types (i.e. stretched canvas or canvas board - please checkout Duane's Blog for more details). Each painting is customized to fit the theme of your child's bedroom/nursery. You choose what type of animals, objects, colors, etc. you want in the painting and Duane will create a one of a kind piece of artwork for your child. 

Please use the "Contact" section for more info on nursery paintings and for pricing details.