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New Four Piece Painting (Day 2)
by Clement Hayward on April 24th, 2015

​Large 4 Piece Floral Painting

Good morning! :)

​As you may be aware, Duane is working on a beautiful four piece floral painting.  We wanted to give you an inside scoop on the progress of this gorgeous painting as it develops. Stay tuned for more updates to come!!! 

Day 1

Here's a look back at Day 1.  

Day 2

Duane had a couple of free hours yesterday to work on this beautiful four piece floral painting. As you can see from the Day 2 photo below, Duane is now in the process of adding in the shading details.  
​​Thanks for reading and stay tuned tomorrow for a Day 3 update!  Duane will have a lot more detail/painting done tomorrow as he plans on working on this painting for a full day :)


Clement Hayward
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Duane Osmond Artist 

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