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Q&A - Does it matter what type of canvas I use?
by Clement Hayward on April 11th, 2015

Hola! Clement Hayward here on behalf of Duane Osmond!  He's a very busy artist so I will be here from time to time helping him out with his BLOG!!!! :)  

I'm going to try and answer a few basic questions about the differences in the canvas' that Duane uses in his artwork! 

So, here we go! Wish me luck, better pray that I've been listening the past 7 years! LOL :D 


1. What is canvas?

- "Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which sturdiness is required. It is also popularly used by artists as a painting surface, typically stretched across a wooden frame. It is also used in such fashion objects as handbags, electronic device cases and shoes."
- Wikipedia 

2. What type of canvas does Duane use for his paintings?

- Canvas Board & Stretched Canvas.

3. What is the difference between  Stretched Canvas & Canvas Board?

- Stretched Canvas is literally canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame, and then stapled onto the back (see photos below). This type of canvas is available at your local craft store in variety of sizes.  The benefit of purchasing a painting on stretched canvas is that it can be very easily hung & does NOT require a frame.  Stretched Canvas is a much better "gift option", as you do NOT have the added expense of having it framed.   

- Canvas Board is piece of artist canvas that has been mounted on a paperboard (see photos below), it CANNOT be hung to the wall without framing (unless you use glue or a screw, but please don't do that! lol). Canvas Board is also available at your local craft store in a variety of sizes.  Canvas board is the BEST option if you want your picture to be hung in a normal frame. In certain situations, depending on what size canvas board you want, you may be able to buy a frame to fit it at a local department store (this is a very cheap option if you are lucky enough to find a frame that fits your artwork). If not, then it will have to be custom framed, which can be very expensive.  

4. Can Stretched Canvas be framed?

- Yes, Stretched Canvas can be framed but it's not a beginner level task.  You would likely need to have it professional framed, due to the depth of the wooden frame. You will be hard pressed to find any frame to fit it. If you are very handy you may be able to build a wooden frame around the stretched canvas, and perhaps use plexiglass. 

5. Which canvas is better for painting? Which canvas will preserve my art longer?

- They both have pros and cons. Stretched canvas has more give and allows for springier brush strokes. Due to the frame, the stretched canvas will warp far less than the canvas boards over time. ​The canvas boards have ZERO give while painting, meaning brush strokes are more like drawing and the board also keep its original texture more (somewhat grainy in appearance). Canvas board will be better protected over time (if framed properly) then stretched canvas, which has no covering.  Ultimately, the choice in canvas is what best suits your needs and what type of piece you are looking to have created!

If you do have any questions please feel free to contact Duane or I and we will get back to you right away!

PS. If I've made any technical errors in my Q&A (besides for grammar/spelling lol), let me know and I'll update the post ASAP ! :)

Thanks for reading the first post in Duane's new blog!!! :D

Clement Hayward
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Duane Osmond Artist 

Canvas Board 

Stretched Canvas

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